Hole 1
Short Par 4 eases you into your round. Hit your drive to the top of the hill to leave yourself a short iron to the green.
Hole 2
One of the most scenic holes on the course, the 2nd is a short par 3 that over looks the city of Moncton. Short right is a good miss on this hole.
Hole 3
A long par 4 with a slight dog-leg right. The green is wider than it is long and leaving yourself a short iron to the green is an advantage.
Hole 4
The only par 5 on the front starts with a blind tee shot. Tee shot down the right side and you might have a chance at the green in two. Be careful though as it is guarded with a pond in the front left that you can't see from the fairway. Ideal 2nd shot is a lay-up to the top of the hill for a short wedge to the green.
Hole 5
A sharp dog-leg left leaves you with two options off the tee. Hit it over the tree or straight down the fairway. Being in the fairway is a premium coming into a slightly elevate firm green.
Hole 6
The first of three 200+ yard par 3's. While you may be tempted to go for the pin beware as the green is heavily sloped on both sides. Keep it short of the green for an easy chip and putt for par.
Hole 7
A 3-wood or long-iron off the tee will leave you in perfect position for an up-hill second shot. The green is guarded by bunkers on both sides.
Hole 8
A long par 3 with a big green. One less club off the tee will leave you short of the green and an straight forward chip. Walking away with par is like making birdie.
Hole 9
Aim at the Canada flag on this blind tee shot. Hit to the top of the hill to set up a short iron to the green.
Hole 10
In the meantime, take good care on the tee shot. Accuracy is key with bunker left and trees right.
Hole 11
This reachable par 5 is tree-lined on the left from tee to green. If laying up be sure to take enough club to clear the water on the right.
Hole 12
The last of the long par 3's and likely the toughest. Take one less club and run it up on the green.
Hole 13
A short par 4 with trees lining both sides of the fairway. Tee shot is a premium to set up a short iron to a sloping green guarded by a front right bunker.
Hole 14
The signature hole on the back. This par 3 can bite you if you're not careful. Middle of the green here is your best bet for par. Get aggressive and a birdie can turn into a double bogey pretty quick.
Hole 15
The first of back to back par 5's features a blind tee shot with a bunker down the right and mounds on the left. Safe off the tee and you'll have a decision to make - go for it or lay up.
Hole 16
Grip it and rip it. After battling for the last few holes finally some space to let it fly. Second shot is key here as the hole narrows at the green with a pond on the right and trees to the left.
Hole 17
The final, and shortest, par 3 on the course is all up-hill to a blind green. Hit to the middle of the green and you'll have a shot at birdie.
Hole 18
The finishing hole, a dog-leg right, is one of the best on the course. Depending on the wind it could play like a par 4 or par 5. Take the short way home and aim down the right hand side of the fairway (just inside the tree line).
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